Promotion Codes by Food Delivery Services / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Working in a busy department of the busiest hospital in Malaysia means that the day and night can be really long; sometimes the only break is the toilet break during the sleepless night. Prayers? Jama' tak dan (no time); you got lives to save. You eventually have to eat. There is hospital food, but sometimes you want to eat more. Or the food's already spoiled when you finally get the chance to eat. Or you want something that's just tastier but more expensive (there's nothing wrong with that). Hence those food delivery apps.

I seem to get many referral links from the many apps I've installed over time. I might as well share them, just in case anyone's interested. And everyone gets the benefits. We've definitely used them to get good discounts when ordering.

Honestbee: You get RM15 off a RM30 order. I get RM25 off RM40. The referral link is this.

Boost: You get RM5 from topping up, while I get RM5 cashback. The referral code is in here.

Uber Eats: You get RM15 off your order, I get RM15 off mine. The referral code is eats-3dw8d0.

Fave (formerly Groupon): You get RM5 off, I get RM5. The code is MN8EZ. This isn't really a food delivery app, but hey, in my phone, it's in the same groups of apps.

Since I never used dahmakan even though it's installed, I can't share the referral code. Interestingly, the one that's arguably the pioneer and big dog in the Malaysian market, Foodpanda, does not seem to promote such referral codes. Maybe that's because they have such an advantage in the market; just not as big as the now monopoly Grab (maybe I'll write about this one day).

I'll update this list from time to time if there's anything new.

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