Sekut Emjay's Products - Online Sales / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

My wife is a Sekut Emjay’s agent, and I help out a bit by being the stock keeper for other agents in the KL area.

These are the current prices for these biscuits which are available year-round: 

Group A: Mashmell/Brownee/Mutiara/Blondee. RM29 per 1 jar, RM110 per 4 jars, RM260 per 10 jars

Group B: Mackem/T’pine/Lavaa. RM35 per 1 jar, RM130 per 4 jars, RM300 per 10 jars

2:2 A:B mix set= RM120 per 4 jars

I'm testing out making a sales page on my website to help cater for those in the KL area to order directly with me, and in the future Melaka too (my wife is currently out of the country for a while). For now only PayPal payments are accepted.

If you’re in the KL or Melaka area and am interested in becoming either a customer or agent, do get in touch (with my wife) or buy directly. Do contact me if there are problems that you encounter when ordering.