Random Basketball Thoughts (13/5/18) / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

The NBA Playoffs has been full of good storylines but now only a few remains:

1) LeBron is continuing to dominate with his best offensive season to date. The supporting cast (minus disappointing Rodney Hood) has finally started to perform, leading to the LeSweep of the LeBronto Raptors, a defeat so crushing their coach who won the Coach of the Year got fired (which is a wrong move by the way; DeRozan disappeared). I’m not betting on the outcome of the Cavs vs Celtics series. Brad Stevens (who got zero votes for Coach of the Year) is too good at turning Davids into Goliaths. They are the current Grit and Grind team of the NBA (bye bye Grizzlies, your time will be looked upon kindly).  If the Cavs steal home court, they can win it.

2)  I’m betting that the Warriors, with their Hamptons 5, will beat the Rockets. Other than their center position (whatever that means in the modern NBA), they’re just too good throughout the roster, with too much firepower. The only chance for the Rockets is if they are able to execute their switch heavy defense well enough and that their offense outperforms one of the best defensive teams of the era. But the Rockets are the best team to counter the Dubs over the past few years. Warriors in 6.

3) I think that the Warriors vs Cavs era of the NBA will end next season. The luxury tax will weaken both teams’ ability to remain on top. Which means that we will se LeBron elsewhere (with another reason being that Dan Gilbert is a staunch Trump supporter, or so it seems).