Bill Hartman on Two Strategies to Get Things Done / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

So he talks about two general strategies for GTD (getting things done):

Eating frogs or making snowballs.


The frog is the most important task that you need to complete, but because of it’s perceived demand, it’s also something you’ll most likely procrastinate on.


You can “eat the frog” by getting up early and going to the gym first thing. Workout completed and the rest of the day is easier because you’ll no long worry about getting it done.


The second strategy is The Snowball Method.

This is actually based on a debt reduction strategy promoted by Dave Ramsey where you pay off the smallest debt first and then the next largest and so on, but you can modify it to any behavior modification challenge you’re facing.

The idea is that you address the low hanging fruit of your behaviors first. Do something small, simple, and measurable toward your goals.

But he qualifies further by saying: 

I can’t say that one is more powerful than the other, but I’ve used both successfully. The key is to take some form of action, right or wrong. Act.

So just kick your own balls, get up and get at it. That's probably the most important message.

Edit: I forgot to link to the original article.