Apple's Recent Education Envent / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

It was interesting watching the recent-most Apple keynote event, and for me it wasn't about necessarily about the products (hardware and software) announced. Instead the event highlighted what I said before about the focus of American education: maximizing participation and engagement. During my easily distracted time mostly listening to the event, never did they stress increasing test scores as a completely objective measure of success among the schoolchildren as part of their salespitch. This is in comparison to the annual publication of list of schools with the best SPM results and source of bragging rights. American educations looks to be very focused on the process while ours is heavily results based (and influenced by our British ex-colonizers). I guess both are needed: a good process ensures that education is fun and doesn't skip steps in creating a human. Having a bit of a results-oriented mindset gives a nudge to compete and give a bit more effort, but not to the point of kids committing suicide from "poor" results. Nevertheless, with the economy as it is, I don't see the competitive mindset cooling down anytime in the current generation of generally East/Southeast Asian schoolchildren.

Do spend your time watching it.