Random Thoughts (4/4/18) / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

1) I've had no time to make notes so far in my POT posting. It's been all out "studying stuff that I encounter" mode, as I see and do things I've never did before, along with the relatively later times of going home, and fitting in time to go to the gym. Needing to sleep earlier also did not help (see below) any efforts to invest time in making notes. 

2) I really need to get my sleep deprivation and stimulant-laden life in check. The other day, I had a cup of coffee and 2 cups of green tea by 11 am. My heart rate? 70. And of course I was sleepy. And so there was a dilemma along with being a powerlifter: what are the differentials when I've a headache? Is it sleep deprivation/caffeine withdrawal/caffeine overload/viral illness/some other causes? How about bodyache: was it DOMS or viral illness (a bit weird to have back muscle ache after a bench session? And both symptoms together? In the end, sleep was what gave me the most relief. And 2 tablets of paracetamol of course.

3) Being the Malaysian Tony Roma's Ribs Eating Champion 2 years in a row, of course I'd like to win again. But if I plan to sit for the Final FCAI viva in November, it could potentially clash with the plans. The first competition was held on a Saturday, while the more recent one was held on a Sunday. The exams will be either on Tuesday/Wednesday Dublin time (going back timezones). Either I should fly on a Sunday night, or skip the exam for another few months: the voucher prize has been invaluable to save money on family treats outside.

4) After my bench press accident, I've started learning to bench in a power rack after looking up how to bench press safely alone (as I don't trust non-powerlifting spotters). So far so good, but I wonder if the bench will always be available when I do come to the gym to use it over at the power rack. 

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