19-26/6/2018) / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

5/3/1 week.

I'm officially driven into the ground by stuff outside of the gym; the gym really is my sanctuary at the moment when I'm away from everyone and block out everything. I've still maintained my weight around 90 kg. My aim during deload is to get my recovery back on tract and try to reestablish myself walking back home from work now that the fasting month is over (I did all I could to preserve my body water during fasting month).

I may be smiling outside but there are definitely inner (and probably outside demons) I'm dealing with as well.

DL - up to 200 kg x 1
Power clean - 72.5 kg x 3
Pistols - 3 x 10
Pushup plank with alternating elbow touches, 10 kg on back - 3 x 22

BP - up to 107.5 kg x 1
TRX Inverted Rows - 1 x 11, 4 x 10
Standing DB Press - 4 x 10, 1 x 9 x 16 kg

Squat: I was really short on time. Just in and out with an extra rep.
Squat - up to 143.5 kg x 2

Military Press: I was really battling the lows on this day. And didn't have enough time.
Pullups - 8 x 6 (that last set was ugly)
Military Press - up to 67.5 kg x 1
Weighted Push Up - 1 x 12 x 10 kg

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