6-17/6/18 / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

3 week.

Here’s hoping that better days will be coming up ahead training wise. Fasting wise the lack of water and caffeine really affected me, but training-wise the overall lack of sleep made even achieving “underpromised” targets (of just maintenance while losing real weight) downright impossible.  This time, I was able to only complete my deadlift session, while my squat session was cut short due to a lack of time and the 2 upper body sessions cut short due to a complete lack of strength (when you get no lift during plyometric pushups done as part of the warm up, you know that you’re in trouble). With fasting month over, there will be reduced orders for the biscuits and more time to get some sleep during the evening/early nighttime. 

I will also begin to look out for powerlifting meets for me to join and compete in before the FCAI Final SOE in November. 

DL - up to 190 kg x 3
Power clean - 72.5 kg x 3
Pistols - 3 x 10
Pushup plank with alternating elbow touches, 10 kg on back - 3 x 22

BP - up to 102.5 kg x 3
TRX Inverted Rows - 1 x 11, 3 x 10, 1 x 7

Squat - up to 135 kg x 3
SLDL - 2 x 15 with 20 kg
Face Pulls - 4 x 12 x 33 lb
Pallof Press - 2 x 12 x 33 lb

Military Press:
Pullups - 1 x 6 (normal grip), 1 x 5 (wide grip)
Military Press - up to 62.5 kg x 3