On Sharing and Kevin Larrabee / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

When I wrote yesterday’s post I wanted to talk about Kevin Larrabee but I completely forgot about it.

He’s a guy that’s overcome childhood obesity, got into strength and conditioning as an undergraduate, managed to intern and then work under among the most established private strength coaches in Eric Cressey and then Mike Boyle, then had the courage to leave initially to try and make a podcasting network and now opening up his own gym. He started his original podcast The Fitcast since 2006, when his journey into strength and conditioning began; when he was literally a student. And the podcast continues on today as he tries to set up his own gym (for now the episode is available only on Patreon) with the difficulties of it being laid bare for all to see. With originally just him as the host, then a trio (good times) and then him again as everybody moves on with life in their own different directions in the same field.

Just listening to the podcasts from the beginning will tell you his life journey and how he’s growing up. With all of his successes and failures to see; the times when he’s too hyped up (on Spike) and the times when he’s a bit more depressed (and his episode frequency slows down). His lack of qualification at the beginning (and he’s still not at the level of the more experienced experts in the field) doesn’t discredit his efforts at sharing at all, and seeing his evolution is as much the product as the content itself.

And I remember the times when I'd drive home from Kuantan to Serdang with a laptop open (I didn't have an iPod then) playing those podcasts, more than 10 years ago.