On Sharing / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

I just had a thought.

Do you really need to be an expert to be eligible to share your thoughts? Do you need to be established first? Do you need to pass and graduate first?

I believe that anyone can share their thoughts regardless of qualifications, as long as meaningful thought is put into it. I'm not talking about zealots sharing some crazy thought. I'm talking about people who are "in the process" and haven't necessarily crossed the finish line. That's because you can learn from each other. A wise person learns not just from his own knowledge and experience, but also from the mistakes (and what's correct) from those around him/her. By the time one shares only when already established, it may no longer be something current and applicable. Kinda like awake fiberoptic intubations, there's nothing wrong with spraying, eh, sharing as you go.

P.S. I tried to make notes earlier, but after 1 hour I could only write half a page as I was so sleepy and yawning; I just couldn't maintain my focus. Maybe a longer break is needed.