Random Thoughts / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

1. Here's an interesting way to advertise your services (by having anyone be able to see what's going on inside):


On one hand, one might think that business is poor as nothing is going on. On the other hand, an empty clinic is one where you might not have to wait for services. The other day I could actually see a patient being attended to while driving.

2. I'm getting used to simply walking back home. I find that if I walk briskly, I can get home in just 30 minutes, which is exactly the same as taking the LRT. But I won't be doing that going to work, as I don't have any intention of being drenched in sweat on arrival to the hospital. I'm a person who wears a single layer of clothing in a cold operating theater, so I don't tolerate heat well. On another note, today was the first day that a "homeless guy" greeted me below Bulatan Pahang. Any homeless person (unfortunate as their fate is) with some sense I'd assume would prefer to stay and the next door Pusat Gelandangan (homeless shelter). I wouldn't approach anyone who decided to sleep outside and suddenly decide to greet me. I'm sorry, but a hefty dose of skepticism is needed.

3. The Boost (and any other cashless mobile system) app is useless without an Internet connection. And at the LG floor of Quill City Mall (where I go to get Dunkin Donuts coffee), the only way of getting internet is by sometimes getting to the WiFi networks of other nearby shops; DiGi has a piss poor connection there. That's a problem.

4. A good cut of ribeye or other expensive steak cuts cost in the region of RM 25 per piece at AEON Mid Valley (at a size that satisfies me, after those 30% discounts on "almost expiring pieces"; in the freezer, the so called expiry date can be disregarded completely). This might sound expensive, but consider this: eating 2 ala carte "ayam penyet" sets without rice (that gets me a 1/2 chicken that's actually not that big) at a joint I regularly frequent cost RM 21. A Fuel Shack Mini-Tower (my preferred choice of quick proteins and huge amounts of calories) costs RM 26. And that gets me only I guess 300 g of burger patties (processed meat, not the pure steak goodness). 2 ala carte sets of "ayam tandoori" (the minimum that can make me feel satisfied) costs around RM 15. Food is expensive nowadays. Gone are the days during childhood where RM 5 could get you rice + 2 large pieces of chicken (with good taste) at a mamak restaurant. If not for convenience, I do not want to eat out until I die; I'll just cook whenever I can. And I will always eat the anemic chicken (with a Hb of 4) served at the hospital if every else does not want them; free protein is free protein. Anywhere else and nitrogen is god-damned expensive. Modern money is more and more useless.