Bill Hartman on Simplicity / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Perhaps it’s the constant need to produce information to sell and the innate desire to seek novel information that has led to confusion and paralysis by analysis. Instead of identifying the simple rules upon which success is based, we sift through an ocean of minutiae that makes little to no impact.

What’s the best time to exercise? (Simple answer: Whenever you can or whenever you like to exercise)

Which supplements should I take if I exercise? (Simple answer: a select few, if any, if you eat a variety of foods. See Chapter 11 in ALL GAIN, NO PAIN for guidance of simple supplement rules)

How much sleep do I need? (Simple answer: Whatever is best for you. You can figure out how much you need with the simple process explained in Chapter 13 of ALL GAIN, NO PAIN)

What exercise is best for [insert name of muscle here]? (Simple answer: exercise all of your muscles with a variety of exercises)

Simplicity is what breeds sustainable success and wisdom.