16-22/5/18 / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Deload week.

Boy it was really a struggle, and luckily this rest week was in the beginning of fasting month. Especially when I had to fit in delivery of biscuits as stock keeper/agent. The way it worked was ensuring that I break fast on time and get to the gym on time preferably by 10.30 pm; this would allow me 2 hours to (especially) drink enough and eat enough. The only way to make it fit into my schedule would be to start delivering during the evening, break fast outside and not at home, continue delivering, and then try to get to the gym on time. Especially with the vastness of Klang Valley and its horrendous traffic jams. On days where I really try to fit in everything into my schedule and not sacrifice things not getting done, I literally slept only 1 hour (my "5" week deadlift session days prior to this post).

Anyways, I'm continuing my current deloading trend with very minimal training and maximal rest.

DL - 3 sets of 127.5 kg x 5
Power clean - 72.5 kg x 1
Pistols - 1 x 10
Pushup plank with alternating elbow touches, 10 kg on back - 1 x 22

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BP - 3 sets of 67.5 kg x 5
TRX Inverted Rows - 1 x 11
Standing DB Press - 1 x 10 with 16 kg

Squat: (came to the gym so late I didn't warm up)
Squat - 3 sets of 90 kg x 5
SLDL - 1 x 15 with 20 kg
Face Pulls - 2 x 12 x 33 lb
Pallof Press - 1 x 12 x 33 lb

Military Press:
Pullups - 6 x 6
Standing DB Press - 5 x 5 x 16 kg
Pushups with 10 kg plate on butt - 1 x 12

I'm really driving myself into the ground, and just hoping for better days ahead once the GICU rotation is over.