Grab Now Has a Monopoly in the Ride-Hailing Business in Malaysia by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Uber is getting out of Southeast Asia (and thus Malaysia):

The agreement – which includes all of Uber’s operations in South-East Asia as well as Uber Eats in the region – gives Uber a stake of between 25% and 30% in the new combined business, they said, asking not to be identified ahead of an official announcement.

The deal, which Bloomberg outlined earlier this month, marks Uber’s operational exit from yet another major market and hands a victory to Grab.

Uber has no relevance for me (except for Uber Eats to order on call food for the whole team). Especially not after the disastrous revelations of it's workplace issues.

Do keep in mind that both companies have a common backer in SoftBank, which makes a push for consolidation pretty reasonable.

On another note, I find it ridiculous that my requests for a ride home from the hospital via Grab are frequently rejected, and many a times the waiting time can be more than 10 minutes. Could it be that becoming a driver is not as profitable as it seems?