Unfinished Stuff Before Exams by Muhammad Amir Ayub

There's no more time to make new notes, and my eyes and brain can't seem to even read (let alone try to memorize) anything new. These are some topics that I couldn't finish in time, and I'll get to them after the exams (if I don't commit harakiri first):

PONV Prevention and Management

Identifying the Difficult Airway

CVS Evaluation & Management for Non-Cardiac Surgery

Diagnosis and Classification of Acute Kidney Injury

Canadian C-Spine Rule by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Understanding cervical trauma is understanding airway management, and is needed in managing trauma patients in the ICU. Hence at least understanding the unapologetic Canadian C-Spine Rule.

DAS Difficult Airway Trolley by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Doing what I can during a busy week right before exams. And I'm on call tomorrow. Wish me luck!