Random Basketball Thoughts (28/5/18) / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

It's been an amazing conference finals so far, in the sense that both are going to game 7's, with the first today between the Cavs and Celtics, followed by the Dubs and Rockets. The former has been more "boring" in the sense that there have been no road wins so far, while the latter has been much wilder.

It seems that both may ultimately come down to who's healthier at the end; the injuries to both Kevin Love and Chris Paul may be what determines the outcome of the respective series. The every other day format with literally no 2 rest days is really decimating both teams, and it shows in the drop in the offensive aesthetics; it's all grit and grind.

Can LeBron reach 8 straight NBA finals by overcoming the quickly maturing Celtics? Can Harden ultimately overcome the Hampton's Five? I predict a Golden State versus Boston finals, as Cleveland has a severe lack of supporting talent surrounding James and Golden State is ultimately the team that's the most top heavy in the NBA.