More National Athletes Caught Doping / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

From the Star:

Three more national weightlifters have tested positive for doping, the Malaysian Weightlifting Federation (MWF) announced Thursday, bringing the number of cases to four.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Mohamad Fazrul Azrie Mohdad was recently revealed as the weightlifter who failed a pre-games doping screening.

Like Fazrul, three other athletes whose ages range from 18 to 21, returned positive for the doping substance stanozolol.

They could be banned for four years as anabolic steroid is a performance enhancing substance under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules.

MWF acting secretary Abu Hanapah Ismail said the identities of the athlete will only be revealed after their B samples are tested.

“Two of them are from the backup squad while the other is with the national team,” he said.

The testing was done by the international weightlifting federation on March 28 when it made surprise checks on the national team in Bukit Jalil.

Not surprising. Drug use is not uncommon among even the lowest rung of gym-goers/lifters (most uncompetitive in looks/performance). Their use takes precedent over a good diet and training regiment.

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