The 2018 NBA Playoffs Have Been Pretty Good Thus Far / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

If you followed the 2017 NBA Playoffs, you’d know what I mean: it was rightfully assumed that both the Warriors and Cavs would meet again in the NBA Finals, with the Warriors unsurprisingly giving the Cavs the sweep. That was truly a bore.

This year, there’s a lot more drama and storylines, which is good for the sport.  The only sweep thus far was an unsuspected one (the Pelicans beating the Trailblazers), and the Jazz can make another less surprising "upset" too. The Warriors didn’t sweep the Spurs (who are in such unprecedented locker room drama with Kahwi Leonard bailing out in my view). The Cavs with LeBron James are downright struggling. The Rockets have yet to prove that they’re the real deal. Derrick Rose has proven that he’s still got it somewhat. The rest are all in slugfests.

That’s good. And thanks to YouTube, you can watch all of the good stuff in condensed time; a two hour TV broadcast cut to just 10 minutes that you can watch while doing stuff. 

I don't know who to support this year, but I'm betting on a Rockets vs Cavs finals.

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