There’s Pro-Gun, and There’s Uh, More Pro-Gun / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

I’ll admit that I am pretty violent (not surprising for someone with anger issues). But the NRA and the rest of the people on that extreme spectrum of gun control are a different animal altogether in the States, the only country with liberal gun controls.

The fact that they have a TV channel on Apple TV (which is hilarious as Apple would never have something remotely contentious on their App Store) will tell all you need to know about how effed up those side of the people are.


Talk about people getting orgasmic about gunpowder in iron barrels.

Or how about marriage blessings with guns and bullets and a whole lotta crown? Is anyone outside of America up for that? There’s a lot of weird stuff out there, and I hope that it’s not representative as a whole (the social media age has allowed anything to get a say and become popular); it's undeniable though that the US has the highest rates of mass shootings anywhere.

And does anyone notice that the overwhelming majority of these kinds of people are all whites? 

It’s pretty clear that America’s extremely pro-Gun attitute is a significant factor in its highly violent environment as a whole.

(from Daring Fireball)