On the Medical Community Not Engaging the Public / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

From Medscape:

The medical community has lagged behind in becoming broadly engaged on social media or leading discussions in the mass media to raise the capacity of the general public to assess the quality of scientific evidence and participate intelligently in shared decision-making.


In our interactions with patients in our exam rooms, we are often torn between our temptation to denounce fanciful pseudoscientific approaches and our desire to avoid appearing condescending by openly challenging even the most misguided views of our patients. In more public settings, we have also only rarely challenged misinformation and called “BS” on purveyors of crap. Why? This is due largely to our implicit overconfidence that the rightness of evidence-based medicine should be self-evident, or from a concern that clearly criticizing speculative treatments seems like mudslinging. And some of us may be justifiably concerned about raising the ire of zealots who are prone to pillorying those courageous enough to speak out—a scenario that underscores our failure to speak with one voice and galvanize together with the conviction to defend evidence-based medicine.

Quackery exists everywhere.

No matter the medium or manner, someone has to fight the fight. Whether it's with fire or with water, just fight.