Digital Publisher LittleThings, Dependent on Facebook, Shuts Down / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

Since launching in 2014, LittleThings had amassed over 12 million Facebook followers, and its videos regularly generated thousands, if not millions, of views.

But Speiser said the recent algorithm shift, which Facebook has said was designed to tamp down content that is consumed passively – and would instead emphasize posts from people’s friends and family – took out roughly 75% of LittleThings’ organic traffic while hammering its profit margins.

Back in 2016, Speiser told The Wall Street Journal that he was highly optimistic about Facebook and its desire to help web publishers.

Now, as one source close to the company put it: “Facebook is the destroyer of worlds.”

Why anyone would depend on Facebook beats me. You gotta just dip but never submerge yourself in FB River.

Via Daring Fireball