Spinal Cord Injury... Only Able to Read, for Now / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

I've a few topics where my notes couldn't be completed in a reasonable time, hence switching to (usually smaller), more manageable topics. Some of the notes even ended up become partially destroyed (I'm not a tidy guy) before I could finish them as the notes would remain as is. One of the topics is spinal cord injury, which I could never get around to finishing.

How I make my notes is fairly labor-intensive. I have to read all of my resources (for most topics will be a minimum of 3-4, but not SCI), take note of all of the points and where they are located (not easy), put the notes in (not easy), cross out everything that I've already included (not easy), while at the same time ensuring a proper structure and flow of thought that I want to follow and is coherent (not easy). Sometimes, you just don't cross the finish line.

These are my current resources on the topic (not including the obligatory A-Z brief on the topic). Please enjoy (if BDSM is your thing):

  1. Cervical cord injury and critical care (BJA Ed)
  2. Anaesthesia for major spinal surgery (BJA Ed)
  3. Initial management of acute spinal cord injury (BJA Ed)
  4. Perioperative management for patients with a chronic spinal cord injury (BJA Ed)
  5. Anaesthesia and acute spinal cord injury (BJA Ed)
  6. Case discussion on SCI (WFSAHQ)
  7. Anesthetic considerations in acute spinal cord trauma (International Journal of Critical Illness & Injury Science)
  8. Spinal cord injury (Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine)
  9. Anaesthesia for Spinal Surgery (FRCA UK)
  10. The Unstable Survival Spine (FRCA UK)

That's all for your reading pleasure.