Physiological Effects of Smoking and Perioperative Outcomes / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

A slightly better pace of note-making.

People seemed surprised that I'm having exams at the end of the month. I look too relaxed. Erk.

On another note, the country is now affected by another death following homebirth. People are obsessed with regression. If people are so obsessed with being "natural", just go and live in the jungle like the PASKAL recruits without technology and live on your own. Then I'll salute you as being the most natural of the naturalists. Here is the DG's statement on the manner, as well as that from the Medical Mythbusters Malaysia (of which some of the members are known acquaintances), Prof Imelda Balchin and the KL Mufti's Office; some in Malay and some in Englisth. I just can't be like all of those well-regarded group of individuals, who can talk in a nice manner despite of all of these destroyers of society (I initially wanted to type MF'er..Eh). I am never nice.