ACCRAC Podcasts / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

A few months ago I finally started to look for anesthesia/critical care specific podcasts to listen to, as I become more and more time-pressed to cram stuff into my brain, thus the need for higher efficiency (so that I can learn something while commuting here and there). So one of them I found was the ACCRAC podcast (Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews and Commentary).

It's hosted by Jed Wolpaw from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His podcasts are specifically geared for resident's preparations for board exams, but not necessarily discussed in an exam format; especially with guests on, the podcasts have a much more conversational feel, which I like. And like most podcasts on the net, it's free and you can subscribe through iTunes.

I've heard about the Dr Podcast series, but it's not free (I do buy some podcasts though nothing as expensive) and you can't find it on iTunes (maybe it's not like a true serial podcast). Another I've found is the OpenAnesthesia Multimedia podcasts. It seems to have serial TEE discussions which I might be interested in diving deep into. In fact, I'll subscribe to it now, and see if I like it.

But I do recommend ACCRAC.