In My Quest to Increase NEAT / by Muhammad Amir Ayub

I still remember a bit of my childhood.

Back in the states, I would wake home from elementary school, which would usually be a 45-minute walk. In Malaysia, during Form 1-3, I would cycle to and back from school, which is usually a 15-minute travel.

As an adult, not using the comfort of a car has some drawbacks: Malaysia is a hot country, and as an adult you're more conscious of your heavy sweating. And you really could die getting hit with KL traffic, but let's not think about that, shall we?

Today it wasn't as sunny outside (the temperature was just 31 C), and it's a deload week lifting wise so increasing some cardio activity (even something low-impact) would be desirable. So I decided to walk home today (which I also did post call yesterday).

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 5.54.40 PM.png

The above was the travel route. But actually I took the walkway that goes below Bulatan Pahang, which is a place inhabited by homeless people despite the presence of the pretty good looking (from outside at least) Pusat Gelandangan (homeless center) located nearby. I even go this route nowadays after leaving the Titiwangsa LRT Station (it's the fastest walking route to HKL). But I don't recommend this route for girls or if you're not a thrill seeker.

The walk actually took around 40 minutes, and I only began to really sweat once I've gone past Bulatan Pahang and no longer any protection from the sun. That's only 10 minutes more than the travel time if I go home via the LRT, and about 20 minutes more than going to work via LRT + cab. In any case, the former options are all faster than taking the car to and from work (you do not know KL traffic if you're asking why).

I think I can be pretty consistent with this. At least it allows me to listen to my favorite podcasts for a while longer while battling a sedentary lifestyle.